De Palma Hotel

Nestled near the banks of Selangor River, De Palma Kuala Selangor offers tranquility; calmness and ultimate relaxation vacation resort that will definitely take you to a different world. 

Offering good, simple food at the hotel and close by, with outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, golfing and a quiet location will put you in the right mood. A rustic, beautiful location with fruit orchards, paddy fields, historic Melawati Hill over looking the Straits of Malacca.
Fireflies of Kampung Kuantan will definitely bring you in romantic mood and long walks in Nature Parks in Kuala Selangor promises a perfect weekend getaway.
Merely an hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, De Palma Kuala Selangor is located in the heart Kuala Selangor town.
De Palma Kuala Selangor is literally minutes away from historical Melawati Hill that has a lighthouse and several old colonial houses built during the British days. Just round the corner from the viewpoint, and to the back of the lighthouse is a car park area. Several families of Silver-Leafed monkeys and Long-Tailed macaques hang around here for peanut handouts from visitors.
For those just looking for place to relax and get away from it all, the resort has a swimming pool and a musollah on its premises.
Also available at De Palma Kuala Selangor are banquet rooms and meeting facilities. Although away from the city, the resort offers free Wi-Fi facilities, laundry services and 24 hours security.
With 48 chalets and 12 villas to choose from, guests can expect nothing but comfortable home-style living at the resort.
All rooms are equipped with air conditioners, colour or plasma TV, mini bar in suites, telephone and of course Quran, and prayer mats in our special dedicated Islamic rooms.
Enjoy hot and cold shower in the full size bathrooms equipped with washbasin and spacious counter space.

Creatures in Kuala Selangor Nature Park



  • Brahminy kites swirling overhead searching for a fish meal,
  • Fiddler crabs fencing with each other in the muck,
  • Mudskippers 'breathing' on land to hunt out of the water,
  • Silvered leaf monkeys lounging in the treetops,
  • Long-tailed macaque monkeys scurrying in packs along the bund,
  • Monitor lizards slowly walking on short, stubby legs,
  • Banded archer fish motor-boating in the lake,
  • Flocks of foreign birds stopping for a rest
  • Wading herons and egrets tiptoeing through marshlands

We Offer the Ultimate Home Comfort

APPS Hotel, Kuala Selangor is strategically located at the vicinity of commercial centre and eco-tourism which is surrounded by the Selangor river. It is only 45mins drive from the mainland Klang Valley area by using KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR Expressway).APPS Hotel (Peninsula Park)


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Planning on Visiting Kuala Selangor? Here's Some Tips on What to Bring!

When going to the nature park, it pays to come prepared. Here’s a short list of items to pack when planning a trip here:


  • Birdwatching equipment (binoculars, scopes)
  • Camera equipment (tripod, filters)
  • Long-sleeved shirt for protection
  • Wear a hat or cap to block out sun
  • Mosquito spray for walking trails a must
  • Wear shoes that can get muddy, bring extra pair for ride home
  • Plenty of water and energy snacks for trail walks and bird hides
  • Guide books to identify birds, butterflies, mammals and reptiles
  • Patience in the hot sun to wait out wildlife for that perfect shot

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