Aroma Ikan Bakar @ Jeram, Kuala Selangor

Restoran Aroma Ikan Bakar, Kuala Selangor

Very often, when it comes to seafood, KLites flock to Klang area or somewhere else nearer. However, Kuala Selangor too, have quite a number of delicious and cheap sea food joints, scattered along the coastline. 


How to get there : To reach Jeram, the easiest is from Kapar. After around 15-20km you will see Jeram mosque beside a traffic light (there is only 2-3 traffic light along the way after Kapar so you couldn't miss it), take left, after few hundred metre before the jetty area there is a junction to the left, take left, then you'll see aroma ikan bakar on your right, along the way is Jeram beach.



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